MailTalk - Communicate with IT

When digital communication becomes strategic

- Communication platform for Customer Experience Management in the Microsoft Environment and Social Media

Use MailTalk™ to build digital solutions that segment on data across multiple systems and orchestrate Business Processes across multiple backend systems.

Mail Talk ™ is the core of providing information to recipients via electronic channels such as email, SMS and Social Media. 

  • Update data sources with customer behavior
  • Platform for all sources of outgoing communication
  • Align branding from marketing to business processes
  • Rule and trigger based messages
  • Orchestrate business processes across multiple backend systems

We are responsible for establishing an international distribution channel and providing sales, marketing and product support to our partners.

MailTalk is chosen for the Microsoft BizSpark One-program

MailTalk creates an infinite number of real digital dialogue scenarios and fully supports your company’s digital dialogue strategy.

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Use MailTalkā„¢ and SAP to involve your customers

Microsoft BizSpark One

MailTalkā„¢ selected for Microsoft BizSpark One program